General Insurance.

Domestic Insurance Package

Owning your own home is the dream for many young New Zealanders and it comes as a result of hard work, planning and saving. Look after your assets with a comprehensive policy that will protect you and your belongings.

Home Buildings: With the right home insurance, you can be covered for the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home or holiday home.  Your home building policy provides cover for the cost to rebuild your home up to the specified sum insured for accidental damage or loss.  The value needs to include allowances for items such as decks, garages, pools, sheds PLUS demolition costs and professional fees.

Contents: Provides cover for your personal belongings which may include furniture, furnishings, appliances, clothes and any valuables for accidental damage or loss.  This may extend for items that are temporarily removed from the home such as jewellery and sports equipment.

Personal Motor Vehicle: Your comprehensive motor vehicle policy provides cover against damages your vehicle may cause to a third party vehicle or property or damages sustained as a result from an accident, theft or vandalism. Or for a reduced premium you may choose third party fire & theft, or third party only cover.

Boats/Trailers/Caravans: Your boat, jetski, trailer and/or caravan can be covered on a domestic package.

Rental Properties: There is an extension on Home Cover plans that can be added and is designed to protect landlords.  The landlords extension can include cover for furnishings and loss of rental income or financial protection against loss or damage done by the tenant (s).

Other Covers:

  • High End, High Value Vehicles
  • Motorhome/Campervan Cover
  • Classic Cars
  • Travel insurance

Insurance cover does vary from policy to policy, so it’s important you understand what’s covered and ensure the things you want to be are.  We’ll explain it to you in “Plain English” and answer any questions.  Talk to one of our Team today about options on a policy that will work for you.

Are your kids driving the car now? Is it the same car? Are you planning a renovation or addition to your home? Has the value of your contents increased or decreased? These are all things we need to know to ensure you maintain the right cover at the right amount. We will remind you before your policies renew, but if something changes, get in touch as soon as you can.

Business Insurance Package

For anyone who owns a business, protecting the valuable assets that allow your business to run is very important when the unexpected occurs.

Whether your business is small, medium or large, we can help tailor your insurance to meet your unique business needs. We can offer various types of cover to suit your business:

Material Damage: Your Commercial property and physical assets such as stock, fixtures and fittings are major assets to your business that you would want to protect.  Material Damage insurance provides protection to your property against physical damage such as fire, accidental damage, natural events and burglary to get your business back up and running.  The purpose of Material Damage insurance is to repair or replace the asset that is damaged to the condition it was in prior to the event that occurred so you are no worse off.

Business Interruption: If there was a major event that led your business not being able to temporarily operate, how would you continue to pay your fixed expenses and staff? Business Interruption insurance provides protection against financial loss as a result of physical damage from fire, burglary and flood that would fall under a Material Damage policy. Loss of Rent as a landlord if your tenants were unable to occupy the premises. The two most common extensions on your Business Interruption policy are Gross Profit and Additional Increased Costs.

  • Gross Profit will cover you for the loss of revenue whilst your assets are being repaired or replaced, costs of any wages and outstanding debts that need to be paid.
  • Additional Increased Costs provides cover for the cost of having to relocate premises, cost to move machinery and stock, and advertising costs to let your customers know of your new location.

Liability Insurance: As a business owner or landlord, there are various exposures that could lead you to being liable for damages to a third party.  Liability insurance covers three main areas:  Public LiabilityStatutory Liability and Employer’s Liability

  • Public Liability Public Liability provides protections where your business is found to be legally liable for damages to Third Party property as a result of negligence. If a Public Liability claim is successful, it will cover all legal costs and compensation payments awarded to the Third Party.
  • Statutory Liability If your business is faced with a breach, the cost of defending a claim is often far greater than the fine itself. Statutory Liability insurance covers the defence costs associated with defending a claim as well as any reparations (excluding the health and safety in employment act where it is illegal to insure fines).
    The most common acts where there is a breach are:
    The Health and Safety in Employment Act
    Resource Management act
    Fair Trading Act
    Consumer Guarantees Act
  • Employer Lability Employer’s Liability insurance provides protection against bodily injury to employees that falls outside of ACC criteria.

Professional Indemnity: Provides protection for anyone who gives advice or custom designed a solution for a client.  A Public Liability policy would respond to any physical damage that is caused but what about the Financial Loss that has occurred? A Professional Indemnity policy will cover a company or employee for any errors in advice and design that they wrongly give which results in a financial loss for their client.

Other Business Options

  • Commercial Motor
  • Transit of Goods
  • Transit of Buildings
  • Construction of Risks
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Computer/Technology Risks

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Rural Insurance Packages

No one rural property is the same, so we tailor your rural insurance package to satisfy your own unique insurance needs. Providing a wide range of cover from domestic through to farm equipment, buildings, farm vehicles and livestock. We can offer a variety of covers, such as:

  • Farm Assets
  • Farming Operations Interruption
  • Livestock, dogs and horses
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Milk Cover Extensions
  • Home Buildings, Motor Vehicles, Boat
  • Personal Income
  • Farmers Liability, Statutory Liability and Employer’s Liability

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Tradies Insurance Package

A market leading insurance package specifically for Tradies.

  • Replacement tools with no age restriction at competitive pricing
  • Reduced excess for your valuable devices
  • Cover for Stock carried by you and unpaid items
  • Cost of a Hire vehicle should yours be stolen, so that you can get back to work
  • Coverage for Licensed Building Practioner
  • Defective Workmanship extension

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Travel Insurance

From the moment you pay for anything for that holiday ie airfare, accommodation, cruise you should put in place Travel Insurance.  Travel Insurance can include:

  • Cancellation Cover
  • Delay’s/Strikes/Hijacks
  • Evacuation/Civil Unrest
  • Medical Benefits
  • Life Benefits
  • Baggage/Personal Effects/Money
  • Personal Liability

Personal, Business and Frequent Flyer options available.