KiwiSaver is a voluntary work-based savings initiative to help set you up for your retirement. Most members build up their KiwiSaver savings through ‘hassle-free’ contributions from their pay, and an annual government contributions called a Member Tax Credit.

The idea with KiwiSaver is that it builds up over time, earning compounding interest, so when you reach retirement age, it’s there as a retirement nest-egg to supplement your NZ Superannuation.

Contributions are invested into funds of your choice – you can speak to an Adviser to help you select the fund options suitable for your lifestyle and financial situation

You can contribute 3%, 4%, 6%, 8% or 10% of your pay

Member Tax Credits

Don’t miss the boat on your $521.43 Government contribution

One of the main benefits of KiwiSaver is the annual Member Tax credit where the government contributes 50c for every $1 you save, up to a maximum of $521.43 per year (if eligible).  All you have to do to take advantage of this, is to ensure you are contributing to your KiwiSaver investment at least $1042.86/yr between 1 July and 30 June (this is the member tax credit year).